Saturday, February 28, 2009

safari review

On Friday, my friends and i went to the safari park. it was my first time going there. and,, it was fun! i enjoyed every moment when we were there and of course, we took a many many great photographs!
actually, we were supposed to be five. but Monica couldn't come >.<, cries, so it was just my sister, Vina, Gaby and me. and FYI, we were best
friends since we were very small, kindergarten it is. and we are still best friends till this second.

anyway, the safari park is still new and thank God it was Friday where not so many people come there. we didn't have to queue or wait to enter the park. hooray! ^O^
at first, we had a short bus ride to BALI TERMINAL, where our fun and games began.
there, we had a walk and found really beautiful places to be photo backgrounds like the suspension bridge, the fossils and many more.

we actually had a hard time for not having a personal photographer to take millions of photos for us. but the guards over there, they are so kind and most of the times, they offer to help us. (though some of them were kinda harassing us, but not really, because they were really nice towards us)

and then we had a ride with a boat to see some animals. it was a bit boring because there were only several types of animals. there were some silly things also, like the gigantic snake robot, which we thought not scary at all.

after that, we continued our walk to the su
spension bridge. it was totally ours! nobody passed through it and it lead us to a fossil park, which i named it. there were (fake, of course) dinosaurs fossils. and i like them. i like fossils. i like dinosaurs, even though i haven't seen and not likely to see one. there the park guards helped taking photos of us. oh, what a kind guy, i thought at first. but after helping us, he kind of forcing us to play the game that he operated. the Bumper Ride. it costs only 15k. i thought for a while and decided to play, but now i regret it. T__T. mine was not working at all! so i had to share with my sister, but i still had to pay full! i don't want to play it ever again! sigh.

i don't know what type of dinosaur is that, but it is beautiful!

look, the guy was playing MINE!!!

so after we played that stupid game, we were so tired that we decided to just take the safari journey with the bus. it was exciting! we saw different animals from different countries like Indonesia, of course, India, and African countries. but what happened when we saw the rhinoceros, it excreted its waste. it pooed in front of us! eww... >_<>

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

start to care about OUR environment!!

So recently, Mr. Jerry, my environmental management teacher, asked the class to do an oral presentation about what it means to us. I was so bad at speaking in front of people [>.<], but i decided to do my best anyway. Here's that piece of (crappy) short speech: To me, environmental management is a very important subject and everyone should know about it. But, I believe that this subject is not supposed to be a compulsory subject to be taught at school. I think everybody should learn and know about the environment since they live in it, they feed in it, and they work in it. Why do, in my opinion, is not important to be compulsory? It's because what is happening in our world and to our environment is talked about everywhere. The topic environment is all over the world discussed and so it is easy to learn from media such as newspaper, internet and television. Moreover, at this moment, there are many serious issues about our environment. Most people from students to scientists are all concerned about global warming even though not all of them agree to it. What's more, they are also worrying about the rapid population growth in our tiny world. Other issues that are going to affect ourselves soon are the pollution-which includes water pollution, air pollution, land pollution and even noise pollution, ozone depletion, the lack of energy conservation, the destruction of wildlife habitats, and many more. One reason is that we, as humans, are thinking to grow and expand our business to get more profit. That means humans are destroying the environment in order to build new factories but we are not thinking about the place where all of us live. We are just considering what's best for us now, but we don't think that how we treat the nature could affect our next generations' lives. Just since several years ago, we ourselves have experienced the increase of average temperature. The summer is getting longer and hotter than before, where everything was green and blue. There are changes in weather pattern. Because of those that we feel, we realize that we are the ones that are responsible to make the Earth a better place to live on. That is where environmental management is needed. We realize that our environment is already destroyed, and that makes us to do something to reduce the effects. By learning environmental management from those cases that have happened, we start to know what should and shouldn't we do. We start to learn about it and do something to make it better. From those I can conclude that environmental management is crucial and significant to learn. But on the other hand, the subject is very wide and it is useless if we know everything about it but we are not doing anything. Making it a compulsory subject at school doesn't make most of teenagers to realize how important it is. People should have known and learned about our environment by reading information from various media.

Ta-daaaa... [^O^]


i know it's trashy, but, yeah... we need to start to care about our environment. just by switching off your aircon or not throwing rubbish everywhere, you already prove that you love the earth!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

someone-ate-my-phone tragedy

be careful with your phones.
make sure they're safe before you eat.


while i was eating!

it was raining that night.
my friends and i were eating out at Jimbaran.
at Teba restaurant.
(don't you ever go there!!!!)

we sat beside the wash basin.
i sat exactly beside it.
the restaurant was very crowded.
full of japanese tourist.

at that time i brought with me my small rattan bag.

before the waiter served the meal,
i still had my phone.
i'm sure of it ,
because my friends saw me typing on my cell phone.

as the annoying waiter served the food,
i put my bag on the ground
because the table would be full of plates.
but i didn't put my phone inside my bag
because i thought that someone might accidentally kicked it.
i wore a dress that night, so i didn't have any pocket to put it inside.

so, on the table i put my phone.

i put it before the waiter-guy finished serving our orders.

then, he went back to the kitchen, i guess.

we were eating seafood,
so we used our hands to eat.
while we were eating,
i didn't pay attention to my phone,
i didn't touch a part of it.

after i finished eating,
i washed my hands.
and i intended to take photographs of my friends using my phone.

that was the moment i knew that IT vanished.
IT is not there on the table.
IT is not inside my bag, which was (as i expected) kicked.
IT was not under the table.
IT was not around our table.
IT was not inside any of my friends' bag.

IT was nowhere to be found.

i tried to call my number using my friend's phone,
but it was inactive.

it was the time when i concluded that someone took IT,
since i didn't turn IT off.

we interrogated the waiter,
thieves never admit that they are thieves.

IT will never ever come back to me.


what do you think exactly happened?

do you think that waiter-guy took it?

one thing that i'd like to say.
don't be careless.

take care and keep both of your eyes for your precious things.
or else.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

no probs!

i feel strange.

strange enough that i even don't know anything.

i don't want to lie
i don't want to leave
i just want to sleep
sleep and not wake up again.

problems come and go.
but they haven't. yet.

i don't want to face it.
i don't want to remember a bit of it.
i don't want to think.

i can't do it.
i can. may be.
but i don't feel that i can.


this is not good..
but i have to get through it.

everyone should,
and have to
face all their problems.

if you have a problem,
don't be sad.
don't be crazy.
cuz you have a friend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i love my birthday presents~

today, i'd like to say something to some of my friends.
not that crucial, but, yeah i wanna make them happy.
cuz they know how to make me feel good.

Audi, especially. if you read this blog, you'd know how much i appreciate your valuable and lovely present for me.
she gave me a fat diary and on the front page she wrote a very touchy letter,
which made me cry,
saying that it might be the last (T.T) birthday present she'd give. for me.
because next year she's moving to malaysia to continue her studies.
we've been in the same class since grade 7 and we're kinda bestfriend.
and i'd be extremely sad by the time she moves.

i also have other besties beside of her.
but deep in my heart, i love her.
she's my true friend that always supports and understands me.
i feel so sad if i remembered that we only have 4 months left....



secondly, i'd like to thank Ryan.
we've known each other since we were a 7th-grader also.
but we were like cats and dogs.
i don't know what had happened, but we're close now. :D
like mockingbirds, he said.

for my 15th birthday he gave me a keychain consisting of for different items,
one is his colorful bracelet,
then his wallet chain that he used to wear anywhere,
a boomerang keychain,
and a yellow and tiny-and-a-bit-dirty, circle keychain.
i never saw the last two items but i bet those aren't new.

he should know that i love that keychain.
although it's not new and it might be worthless for some people.
but that's one of the presents that i won't forget.
that's the best present i got from my friends, i could say.


Thirdly, to Kwang.
He's always there when i need him.
and he always want to give me the best.
i LOVE the necklace he gave me.
it's simple but gorgeous.
small but elegant.
it is the most beauutiful gift i've had in my life.
seriously, he really knows what i love.
i'm not just exaggerating.
if you see the necklace, you'd love it!

i love to show you those 3 things,
but my laptop has a trouble with its drivers.
may be next time i'll post the photos. OKaayy?

those were all that i got so far,
and i can't wait to find out what will my other bestfriends give me.

this posting may be not important for you, but the three names above,
they are important for me.

Thank you, love.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

too many?

tomorrow is my birthday,,
but today, i, miraculously could have my afternoon nap, am sick.
this is because of the hot-rainy-and-hot-and-then-rainy-again season in denpasar.

it's a difference, you know, when i say that the cause of my illness is the season.
usually, i said that i was sick because i got so many lessons to do.
i'd blame my parents because they tell me to learn countless subjects.

yeah except for sundays.

since i was in elementary school, people said that i was 1 cm away from a businesswoman.
they said that i was too busy as a kid, with one, two or three lesson(s) a day.
here's the list of all things that i've done since i was in elementary school :
  • Ballet dancing
  • modern dancing
  • abacus (math, basically)
  • school subject tutorials
  • piano lesson
  • singing lesson
  • violin lesson
  • guitar lesson
  • painting/drawing lesson
  • swimming tutorials
  • English class
  • megabrain lesson (makes me to memorize and learn things better and faster)
it was tiring, exhausting and dead-causing doing all of those things.
i mean, can you imagine it?
a ten-year-old girl doing 12 different additional courses.

i used to complain to my mom.
i used to not understand the importance of studying.
i used to ask "why me?" , "why that much?" , and "when?"
when do these nightmares stop haunting my days?

years passed.

ballet dancing was going to Antarctica.
modern dancing was visiting Egypt.
abacus and megabrain moved to the south pole.
guitar and singing lesson was migrating to Iraq.
and the last but not least, the F-ing unimportant swimming tutorials, it flew to china.

five more lessons to go!

Chinese language made Bali as its habitat. but it only stayed for less than a year.
Japanese language stayed in Denpasar, but only for 6 months.
French language---it still lives here until today.

now, in highschool, i'm only doing 6 different lessons,
but of course they're not once a week only.
the school subjects tutorials are thrice a week.
the others are once a week!

now i think i'm more or less 7cm away from a businesswoman...

all of us surely have experienced changes.
this is one of many changes in my life. and this is the nice one.
but of course things change, and some might be worse than before.

may be,,,
next year i'm 9cm away.

who knows??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love her !

i got the inspiration about this posting from a korean movie i watched yesterday.

it was about a mother who did everything for his beloved children, especially to her youngest son. since he was a kid, he always said that he loved his mom so much. btw they're a lower-middle class family. that boy always slept with her mom everynight, even until he became a writer. his mom was very proud of him at that time. he was her favourite kid since all her other kids had left her because of marriage. not that she didn't love the other two.

in their small house there were only the two of'em. until one day, the kid said to his mother that he needed to live on his own so that he could do better pieces of writings. his mom let him go. and live by her own, alone. without letters or phone calls from her son. she wrote letters, but all of them are returned since the addresses were not specified.


his eyes were full of tears, finding his mother with other old women living and controlled together. she was crazy before. but not until she recognized her son. after 30 years since he left her.


he searched for clues in that old house. that nostalgic house where he lived before with her mom.he found the returned letters wrote by her mom.

and regreted that he left her. his mom always wished that he'd come back.

"I'm blind when I can see, I'm deaf when I can hear.."

yeah, i did.
i couldn't see how hard my mom struggled to make me happy, even if she has to sacrifice herself.
because of that movie i realized that my mother keeps doin the best for me.
and i'm sure, it's not just my mom, but your mom, his mom, her mom, their mom..
all of our mother.

all that i wanna say to you is,
don't be blind and deaf when you can see and hear.

see how much she has done for you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

what makes me happyyyyy

i enjoy my life so far. do you?
are you really happy? cuz, may be you're saying that you're so happy your mom bought you a blackberry or a new pair of jimmy choo's. but, think about it. is this kind of happiness likely to last for the rest of your life?

i don't think so,cuz i have experienced this type of feeling many, many times. and for me, being loved and supported by my family and friends bring me to a much more delightful life.

here's a story i want to share to all of ya:

you know, since i was a cute little girl, i always wanted to buy everything that i think is beauutiifulll. a limited edition barbie doll, a pair of exclusive nike shoes, a full collection of harajuku lovers perfume, a second-generation ipod touch, a macbook, a comfortable king koil bed to sleep on, et cetera. i thought having all of those things would make me cool and admired.

i finally got most of them, btw.
the moment i touched them, i felt really, really proud of myself that i succeeded persuading my parents to buy me those things. but.. let's say, 1 day? 1 week? 1 month later i even forgot that those stuff existed. not that i totally forgot them, but, i don't appreciate them as much as i did when they first belonged to me.

1 year later...

i forgot them completely.

but however, i learned something.
that you may be longing for a thing that you really want. but what happens after you got them, you forget about them.

it's the reverse for the love of family and friends.
may be you don't realize how deep is their love to you. like i did before.
but when i start sharing my problems with them, especially my mom, i learned that i couldn't live without my family. i keep wondering why didn't i value my family before.
and when i recall those moments when we laughed, played, even when we were mad to each other, i thank God that he gave me an imperfect family and caring friends. they're the ones that make my life happy. i mean, really happy.

what's more...

i can't really rely on my favourite and expensive thing like i rely on my friends and fam rite?

so, start loving them even more than they love you!!

first posting?

this is my first blog, and at the same time,my first posting. mentioning about first, my first week of school was a disaster. my house was flooded,and i had to walk through the path in front of my house with water up to my thigh. it was a nightmare!
speaking of the first time to experience something, for me, whether it is awful or lovely, all of us need a beginning before we start something. then we continue doing it, and finally we smile seeing the output.
hmm,, may be you guys think that this posting is a crap. but we need to start, right? so this is my starting point and i hope all of you support me by posting comments about this. and i hope you guys keep following and reading my blog.


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