Sunday, May 31, 2009

shitty electricity

went to mangrove center to do a photo session with my uncle this morning, and now, after seeing the pics, I do realize that he is a gifted photographer. ;p.

and then, it was a family day. we ate dimsum and picked wallpapers and curtains for the new house. I thought the color range in my new bedroom will be great. but... let's see after it's finished.
I hope I didn't make a wrong decision. :(

Tomorrow is THE chemistry exam. and FYI, this evening when I just came home with an intention of studying, suddenly...the lamp went dead. I think the whole Denpasar was affected. It was so dark and there was only my sister and me in the house. we can't find any lighter but thank God we have an emergency lamp. I was bored and scared to death. Luckily not long after that our dad picked us up and dropped us in a cafe and we ended up studying and chatting and messing around with papers like crazy in the silent cafe for hours, with only iced lemon tea and frozen bubble tea being ordered.

I wish my new house has a generator machine.

I wish all my hard work that I've done for tomorrow's test pays of.

I wish I had have aladdin's magic lamp with me.


P.S: will upload the photos soon. I know you can't wait to see them.. :D


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annabelle Verhoye

"My work seeks to create imagery on multiple dimensions that is at once true to my subject’s form, yet with an additional layer of interpretation." --- Annabelle Verhoye

my favorite.

Hmmm... I think good drawing and illustrating skills are just as important as having a great fashion taste if one wants to be a fashion designer (and I am referring to myself, LOL). Oh.... I wanna be as artistic as she is! her works are unique, and what's more that makes me love them even more, they are colorful.


Robert Pattinson on GQ April 2009 issue

it's almost June now. but.. I just have to post these adorable pics of Robert here. I am so last-month. oh well....

lovveeeee the second and the last one. though I don't like smokers, but seeing him that cool.... umm.... he is just an exception.

all images are from and

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I want to eat these!!!!

OMG me lovey this USB!

I will be dreaming about burgers every night...LOL

missing questions

Were you looking at the same sky? Were you staring at the same stars? Do you miss me as much as I do? Are you going to come back soon? What are you doing right now? Are you having a nice sleep? Are you dreaming about me? Do you feel cold? How are you? Are you alright? Oh you don't know how much I miss you, do you?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new and old

I forgot to tell you that when my mom came back from Jakarta several days ago, she bought me some stuff. and do you still remember these three things that I bought but were never shown here? okay, now you can see how I'd wear those things with some old stuff. ;)

new: dress and cardigan. necklace and headband : self made.

new: lace tights, scarf and blue stockings. old: dress.

new: jacket and dress. ripped stockings: self made.

new: lace tights. old: cardigan worn as bodycon dress, studded belt and scarf. necklace: self made.

new: long patterned socks worn on arms. old: dress and belt.

new: leg-warmer, dyed fabric worn as skirt and scarf worn as belt. old: dad's shirt and halterneck tank-top. glow-in-the-dark eye necklace: self made.

new: blue stockings. old: belt and dad's shirt. necklace: self made.

ew in the 5th photo my expression is so ugly!

anyway, I gotta study now. *sigh*. I have wasted so many precious time on browsing and playing around. cries. How can I fail to manage my own time? ...


this week's wishlist

I know I can't buy all of these things now, but I feel quite good just looking at these new products at net-a-porter dot com.
snakeskin-print silk skirt by Maje

multi-strand link watch by Burberry

Lucy leather shoulder bag by Jimmy Choo

Marianna dress by One Vintage

Jacquard polka dot skirt by Chloe

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how to dye your fabric

so, regarding the prom night that I'm going to attend, I have decided to design a prom dress for me and fortunately, my mom agreed and she is helping me with what I need. :)

I have designed the dress, bought the fabric and dyed them. an
d now I'm going to share to you how it went. I hope you like it ;)

you can dye generally anything, from a newly bought piece of cloth or even your old t-shirt or boxer. note that only organic materials can be dyed. polyesters
can't. mine is actually silk wrinkled chiffon. i'm going to make a gradation of blue-green-yellow so here it goes.

what do you need?
rafia rope, a plastic washbowl, a saucepan, dye (DYLON, it's only $1 each), table salt, water, and a screwdriver.

How to do it?
(a) boil enough water in the saucepan.
(b) soak the fabric in a cold water in the washbowl.
make a small hole on the Dylon tin wtih a screwdriver. don't try to turn the lid.
(d) if you want to put more than one color, tie a part of the fabric with the rafia rope TIGHTLY.
(e) when the water in (a) is boiling, add some salt to it.
(f) add some of the dye to the boiling water. if you want to have bolder color, add more. and it is important to dissolve the dye well first.
(g) squeeze the fabric in (d).
(h) soak the fabric in boiling water after the dye is put in, for some time. the longer it is, the bolder the color will be. in this case I want to make it sheer, so I only needed something like 3 minutes.
(i) look at step 1,2 and 3 on the images below for clearer explanation. (I explain better with images rather than words ;) )
(j) open the tie and dry fabric in the sun.

BEFORE :a piece of cloth



FYI, I wasn't doing all of these alone, I was helped by one of the designers in my mom's office. Thanks cece Leeyah!
now if you want to try these steps to your faded tees or cardigans, just do it! if you are bored with the colors of your clothes, now you can replace them with new colors. ;)

good luck people!

dear life...

found this in tumblr. and this is so me.

image is from here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

meet my new shoes

Ahhh... Finally... yesterday my new shoes from Wondershoe arrived safely at my home. They're very comfortable to wear, and thank God they fit my feet. I love them.. And now I'm thinking of buying more shoes from their shop (since they're quite affordable), but not this month! I have spent my allowance in many things, including two more shoes. hmmmm.. I wonder when will they arrive at my home.

anyway, photos...


I love the pearl color on these shoes ;p

worn them last night and this morning, but I was too exhausted and too sweaty to even stand and pose and have my photos taken. What a HOT day it is this afternoon. I think now Bali is even hotter than Egypt. Just walking for a short amount of time in Kuta felt like hell. Start to care for our Earth, people! Reduce global warming... >o<.

have a nice sleep, everyone..

color your world with flowers

yes. call me late. call me so-yesterday or even so-last-year, for I had just discovered these beautiful, gorgeous and romantic art works found in Lavazza 2008 calendar. they are dazzlingly magnificent! I love every single detail on them. the colors, the dresses, and of course the concept. i looooovvvveeeee......

this picture inspires me to design my own prom dress. the theme is under the sea. wait till I've finished working on it. ;p

all pictures are from photodecadent.

Friday, May 22, 2009

new layout

What do you think? I'm quite bored with the layout I used before. so..
here it is. the new three-column template..

Eating seven plates of sushi in Sushi Tei today, I felt like I am a food-filled balloon. I was eating like crazy to the extent that I was unable to put anything more in my mouth. Uh-oh.. one is going to find out that she'd gained weight tomorrow. >o<

by the way, I got a great news yesterday. My SAT score has been announced in the collegeboard website and I got 700 in the maths part. that means that I am guaranteed to get an at least half of the scholarship to study in BIS. woo-hoo!! I'm proud of myself, really, for I had done so much studying in order to achieve that high score. :)

P.S: sorry for those who have blogs previously linked in this blog, because of this layout change, they all vanished! but I will try to link all of your blogs, dear. but not today. no worries, okay..

I'm going to sleep now.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

a cup of coffee

When she is not sure of her thoughts, feelings and opinions, and when she is feeling miserable no matter what the causes are, she needs someone to talk to. Someone to listen, and someone to not say anything but "I understand". Someone who doesn't talk much but plays a sad melody for her. She says that what she is feeling is not caused by anything particular. Indeed, it is not unusual to find her feeling this way. She doesn't know what she wants, but a gentleman serving her a cup of hot coffee to warm her cold heart up, to melt her icy brain down and to just make her smile, is just perfect. Nothing hard to get, she says. She just wants a cup of hot coffee served by a gentleman. a cup of hot coffee, quite oddly, to lead her to a good sleep. a cup of hot coffee, to keep her dreaming endlessly.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

thay're not mine to drool over

but yet, I am drooling...

in love with tan heels

currently I am totally in love with tan heels. they matched every colors and is classic! :)

foral love

can you guess the theme? Yes, baby. Flower power! I also love floral dresses,and more.

acid wash

and this is..... acid washed jeans. me likey.. ;D

Yaaaayy.. i have no exams tomorrow! I just have one more to do... for this week. ^o^ relaxing and having lots of free time make me smile a lot. :)



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