Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've been really sick since several days ago, and I'm still feeling nauseous :(. I got this flu from my sister, she got it from my parents, and they got it from my little brother.. He got it from his friends, and the chain goes on ;p . I hope that this is the last day of me feeling unwell, because tomorrow I'm going to Singapore for holiday!!! :D
Yeah I know that most of you had finished your holidays, but lucky me, my school starts on 3rd of August. Yosh! Thinking of the great Singapore Sale, Orchard road, Vivo city, Bugis junction and chinese food in China Town brings me some energy. they excite me!!! Ohhh I can't wait to shop!!

P.S: I'll be away for 4 days, so I wont be able to post anything.

Till then,

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi guys!!!! I am really and extremely sorry that I didn't update this blog since last month. I was having many problems that affected myself for weeks. Friends, families, who haven't had any problems? I know that we all have.. I was feeling bluuuuueeeeee (the sad parts) and reeedddddd (the mad parts). even till now.. :( . but I realize that sitting back and crying don't do any good. 

Oh, how I really missed blogging! now let me present my first ever post (starting this July) hehehe ;P

Actually, this post is nothing but to say that I'm back. I know that everyone missed me.. :D

Oh! and what do you think about my new banner? I changed it just several minutes ago because the previous one was kinda boring..  or is it not?? you decide!! ;)

that girl who was sad and now is done with it.

P.S.: Thank you for your sweet and supportive comments! they really helped to make my day! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This week... is not a very good week for me. many unexpected things happened and I am not ready for them till now. thank God that a new week will start. hopefully things will change, or at least how I react to things will. 

Till then,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

gift from a friend

My birthday is actually in February, but this cute friend of mine, Talisha from Ribbonyboo still wanted to give me a present for my belated birthday. how sweet, right? I love the stuffs she sent. :)

I love the headband, it's so Blair-Waldorfish! :D
the necklaces and ring and bag are lovely too!



Friday, June 19, 2009

when love meets friendship

“One day, love and friendship met on the road of life. Love asked: What’s your use when I already exist? Friendship smiled and said, “I’m here to make people smile when you make them cry.” Unknown

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vogue Russia's Designer Matroyshka

Oscar De La Renta

Stella McCartney


Yves Saint Laurent

Giorgio Armani

Roberto Cavalli


Dries Van Noten

Marc Jacobs

Emilio Pucci

Paul Smith

Ralph Lauren





These half meter tall Russian figurines, will go for 5000 euros a piece (starting price), each is decorated with a signature design of its own designer. the money collected will go to charity. Cool, huh?

Gisele Bündchen for Ipanema Shoes

I just adore these pics for Ipanema shoes' ads. the concept is great, as well as the model, of course.hehe

Ipanema shoes/sandals are really comfortable. my brother has one pair and they seem to be very comfy. lovely... :)

by the way, I just got home from the dentist to get the calculus scaling, which means 'pembersihan karang gigi'. and now I'm going to register for a driving lesson. hihihi :) happy happy


Spotted: Giuseppe Zanotti

Great collections of footwear from Giuseppe Zanotti. love love love... especially because of the strikes of pink among those black and cream/nude palette. :)

The last ones here are heavenly gorgeous. I'm speechless just by seeing the pics. god... when will I have Doraemon? Or.. at least just the magic pocket, perhaps?

interested in buying me one pair? hehehehe I'm just kidding. They are too expensive. 


bye heights!

Yesterday I went to Bedugul with my friends. we took the Tree Top adventure, which was fun actually, but due to my phobia of heights, it was Not fun. uuurrrghh.. I was so scared! the trees were so tall, and I couldn't stand the moving planks and ropes. tree top is so-not-me. But then we went speed-boating in the lake. Oh what fun. feeling the cold wind blowing my face and hair. lovely feelings, indeed. hehehehe. And.. I tried to steer the boat. hehe that's my first experience,really. 

For any of you who is brave enough and adventurous, I recommend you go to 'Kebun Raya' in Bedugul if you're visiting Bali someday, to try the Tree Top stuff. :)

yyeep. that's me. there!

my hands were hurt by the metal cable. aaargh.

with jesslyn, vita, audrey, jessica, joscelind and my sister.

audrey and jessica (they look like they're twins), me and jesslyn.

that's about yesterday.

tonight, I went to the airport to accompany my dearest friend, Ryan Ruslan. He's going to stay in Jakarta with his family. Bye bye, Ryan!!!! take care there and don't cry!!

monica, ryan and me at the airport. :'(

The Morning Assembly.
Ryan, Leo, Syailendra, Jun Ku and Kihnham.

the band misses you already, Ryan...!

I am so sorry for the poor qualities of the photos. they were like, taken by my friend's BB which, itself, is not a proper camera. 

Bye Ryan...don't cry because you miss me! ;p


Monday, June 15, 2009

red and white palette

Today, a package arrived at my house. Guess what? Inside,it was a surprise pair of flat shoes from Wondershoe I mentioned in my post before, regarding the photo competition thing. Lucky me, Wondershoe didn't send something I don't like. I think they're cute! and what's more....they fit me well..Thank you Wondershoe! ;)

Excuse my poor photoshopping skills (focus: the left-most shoe looks chipped) hahaha

I'm wearing: Arithalia white top, Et Cetera cardigan, Anap button skirt, Wondershoe flats

what do you think if the flats? cool, huh? hehe.. oh! I just realized that all of my three pairs of Wondershoe flats have white as their major color.

uuhhh.. today I was very bored. I didn't go anywhere. Can you imagine holidays without a driver (he's gone with the wind, swallowed by the Earth) ? and moreover I myself can't drive.. god, help me! I want to be a transporter. at least for just one and a half month! Can I, can I, can I ????

hhh..I think I need one bottle of Kerastase hair-root awakening foam. I hate my ugly hair. and I think I'm getting fatter. again. 

bored bored bored....

bored bored..




till then,

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