Tuesday, February 24, 2009

start to care about OUR environment!!

So recently, Mr. Jerry, my environmental management teacher, asked the class to do an oral presentation about what it means to us. I was so bad at speaking in front of people [>.<], but i decided to do my best anyway. Here's that piece of (crappy) short speech: To me, environmental management is a very important subject and everyone should know about it. But, I believe that this subject is not supposed to be a compulsory subject to be taught at school. I think everybody should learn and know about the environment since they live in it, they feed in it, and they work in it. Why do, in my opinion, is not important to be compulsory? It's because what is happening in our world and to our environment is talked about everywhere. The topic environment is all over the world discussed and so it is easy to learn from media such as newspaper, internet and television. Moreover, at this moment, there are many serious issues about our environment. Most people from students to scientists are all concerned about global warming even though not all of them agree to it. What's more, they are also worrying about the rapid population growth in our tiny world. Other issues that are going to affect ourselves soon are the pollution-which includes water pollution, air pollution, land pollution and even noise pollution, ozone depletion, the lack of energy conservation, the destruction of wildlife habitats, and many more. One reason is that we, as humans, are thinking to grow and expand our business to get more profit. That means humans are destroying the environment in order to build new factories but we are not thinking about the place where all of us live. We are just considering what's best for us now, but we don't think that how we treat the nature could affect our next generations' lives. Just since several years ago, we ourselves have experienced the increase of average temperature. The summer is getting longer and hotter than before, where everything was green and blue. There are changes in weather pattern. Because of those that we feel, we realize that we are the ones that are responsible to make the Earth a better place to live on. That is where environmental management is needed. We realize that our environment is already destroyed, and that makes us to do something to reduce the effects. By learning environmental management from those cases that have happened, we start to know what should and shouldn't we do. We start to learn about it and do something to make it better. From those I can conclude that environmental management is crucial and significant to learn. But on the other hand, the subject is very wide and it is useless if we know everything about it but we are not doing anything. Making it a compulsory subject at school doesn't make most of teenagers to realize how important it is. People should have known and learned about our environment by reading information from various media.

Ta-daaaa... [^O^]


i know it's trashy, but, yeah... we need to start to care about our environment. just by switching off your aircon or not throwing rubbish everywhere, you already prove that you love the earth!


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