Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love her !

i got the inspiration about this posting from a korean movie i watched yesterday.

it was about a mother who did everything for his beloved children, especially to her youngest son. since he was a kid, he always said that he loved his mom so much. btw they're a lower-middle class family. that boy always slept with her mom everynight, even until he became a writer. his mom was very proud of him at that time. he was her favourite kid since all her other kids had left her because of marriage. not that she didn't love the other two.

in their small house there were only the two of'em. until one day, the kid said to his mother that he needed to live on his own so that he could do better pieces of writings. his mom let him go. and live by her own, alone. without letters or phone calls from her son. she wrote letters, but all of them are returned since the addresses were not specified.


his eyes were full of tears, finding his mother with other old women living and controlled together. she was crazy before. but not until she recognized her son. after 30 years since he left her.


he searched for clues in that old house. that nostalgic house where he lived before with her mom.he found the returned letters wrote by her mom.

and regreted that he left her. his mom always wished that he'd come back.

"I'm blind when I can see, I'm deaf when I can hear.."

yeah, i did.
i couldn't see how hard my mom struggled to make me happy, even if she has to sacrifice herself.
because of that movie i realized that my mother keeps doin the best for me.
and i'm sure, it's not just my mom, but your mom, his mom, her mom, their mom..
all of our mother.

all that i wanna say to you is,
don't be blind and deaf when you can see and hear.

see how much she has done for you.

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