Monday, April 27, 2009


what a tiring day...

ribbon worn as headband,giordano--shirt,pop ill--shorts,arithalia--tights,unbranded--shoes,mondo--leather bag,tailor made

gonna have a nice dream again like last night
love you guys,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

my brother

he's just 4 years old. fat, chubby and a bit hyper, but he's so smart. and cute. i'm not going to write much. i love him.

oh and his name is Kea.

today is sunday

I went to hard rock hotel and ate pizza there with my mom, sister and boyfriend. it was nice. but eating that kind of thing, i gain more weight. ToT. then i took some photos.
god i hate weekends. i always eat a lot on weekends. and holidays.
no wonder if i gain weight, for i didn't go to school for 4 days last week. cries.

anyway, photos...

mom in the middle

my melancholic sister

fake wayfarer,unbranded--two-tone dress,surfergirl--yellow tights,unbranded

too tired,going to sleep now.
love love love

Friday, April 24, 2009

a small reunion

oh it was fine. we enjoyed it.

yeah, actually my best friend vina arranged a small reunion for our close friends when we were still in elementary school. i thought at least 8 of us would come. but yesterday we were just four. others, they had another thing to do. how sad, but it was great yesterday.

we went to Waterbom and ate and swam and splashed and slided and talked and laughed. it was fun, you know, meeting and playing with our childhood close friends, and we haven't met since ages. i'm quite disappointed actually, because some of them were not able to come. may be someday i should arrange a better reunion with more friends. and of course force them to come.

thirsty vina



and i tried Superbowl for the first time. i felt really dizzy after that. i mean, can you imagine yourself being sucked into a small hole in the middle of a bowl? Yeah! you're right! you are going round and round before you can go down. like this.

and finally...

boomerang and maccaroni were the most exciting ones. woo-hoo i enjoyed yesterday very much! but it's dak. my skin burns on my shoulders. it's reddd.

aww so cute!

so that's yesterday.

till next lovely day,



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i hope tomorrow will never come

it's my speaking test tomorrow.! english speaking test. english as a first language. oh god i'm not ready yett... but i practiced and i made the postcard-size notes.[>o<]

went to discovery mall with my sister, we bought so many things! now i'm penniless. laughs. yeah not exactly penniless, but the thickness of my purse has decreased a lot! sigh. but it's alright. i am very happy that i bought those things. i am the luckiest person in the world!

dress worn as top,surfergirl--belt,supre--floral skirt,zara--cardigan,zara--bag,custom-made--shoes,bought in metro--bangles,selfmade

have a lovely night and be lovable guys,

Monday, April 20, 2009

are the cherries ripe yet?

i didn't go to school.

time to play dress-up!
i'm going to be red. as red as cherries. yes mom, i want cherries. are they ripe yet?

t-shirt,giordano--skirt,anap--tights,unbranded--flats,charles and keith--bag,pusaka--necklace,forever21
should i go to school tomorrow? yeah may be not. i am waayy too lazy to go. well, i better play again tomorrow. i heart playing dress-up!
love you bunch of cherries,

Sunday, April 19, 2009


it was pretty tiring yesterday. in the evening, mu uncle, my boyfriend, my sister and I went to Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran to see a painting exhibition. it's not exactly a painting. the artist paints the negative of the painting on an acrylic glass and before the oil dries, he stamps it onto a piece of paper or canvas. so it's really impossible to reproduce the same painting. it seems hard although the ideas and objects painted are really simple. he is actually a balinese, called I Made Arya Dwita Dedok. he's my uncle's friend FYI. his exhibition's theme was Love, Peace and Understanding. really general, i think. but it's no surprise if the prices of his paintings are expensive. i can understand that.

after that we went to a nearby fish market by the sea to take a few photographs. my uncle, who is a pro in photography, taught me several things. but yeah my photos are still not that good. haha

okay please excuse my non-special photo-taking ability.

here are some pics i took:

is he my uncle or my boyfriend?

then we stopped in Simpang siur near patung dewa ruci. my uncle taught me how to take photos of cars' light. i also learned to take good pictures of glowing objects in the dark. it's amazing! but my boyfiend's camera amazed me the most. it's brilliant. but i'm not that serious in photography, so... it doesn't bother me much.hehe

feeling hungry, my mom called and we met at sanur, in a small japanese 'warung' i don't know what it's called. we ate takoyaki and sushi. so delicioussss and made my stomach really full. now i'm drooling TT

today i'm not going to school. too lazy to go. moreover there's nothing important at school today, so i just stay at my mom's comfy room. oh last night i slept with her, replacing my dad. he's out of town.

long-sleeve shirt,dad's--silver legging,forever21--mickey sneakers,MCKY--bangles,just jeans

till then,

good night!

today its very tiring. and i felt really, i mean, extremely full for many times!
i am too tired to write. going to sleep soon.
bye bye guys,,
love youuuuu,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

by the sea and the grass

today's headlines :
1. Janice was doing the IELTS exam.
2. Janice finished the exam.
3. Janice was bored staying at home.
4. Janice took several photo-shoots.
5. Janice found this website, where she got the background below.
6. Janice edited them.


topshop basic tee
miss sixty denim pants
charles and keith flats
second hand vest
jayjays bangle
rattan bag bought in Kuta

ooh! i am extremely happy today since i missed Mr Haresh maths lesson.
woo-hoo! no lesson yes smile!

did you know that i was taking the photographs with my new little camera? yeah-no-yeah-may be. but i need more understandings of the programs it has. i need more readings of the manuals. ganbatte ne! \++/

what a short day...
i wish that i could have more three or four Saturdays in a week rather than having sleepy Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. and having more time to play dress-up. but the former wish is kinda impossible. i am dreaming too high.

bye fellas,
have a nice, relaxing, enjoyable and exciting weekend!

Love always,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i got a new camera

yesterday, my uncle bought a camrea for me. actually we've been browsing and searching for good camera with a reasonable price. and finally i have one! yaay!

the camera is fujifilm finepix s700. though it's only about Rp 2 million, it's amazing! with 10x optical zoom and 7.1 megapixel, i think this camera is just enough for me, since i'm just an amateur. it has a manual function, and that makes it possible for me to learn the basic of photgraphy, i guess.

here are some pics of the camera:

my hand is just the right size to grip it.

now i'm experimenting on ways to capture a focused and nice pictures.

by the way, tomorrow is my IELTS test! wish me luck and confidence guys..
i want to get the highest possible mark! though it's unlikely to happen..sigh

anyway, just pray for me. bye bye bloggie!

lovely girl here,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new phone!

i finally bought a new phone!!!

click here to find out more about it.

i am soooo happy.
it's so nice, with touch-screen and 3g and other features. and moreover, it's just Rp 2 million!
i even think that the Lg company had wrongly put the price
for it. but i'm lucky and glad that i canceled buying the iphone---so scared that i might lose it again, considering that i lost my previous phone ( click here ), since the iphone is very expensive.

here are some images of the phone:

i actually bought this vandyke-brown one.
i like the red line-hot!

okay, i still want to play with my new and attractive sexy phone.

wish you a dreamy night.
love love love,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

what i wore that day

i'm so bored right now so i just decided to post a look on what i wore that day, on 5th of april. that sunday i went to my school because there was a university exhibition--or at least something like that.

here's the polyvore set:


floral skirt-zara
headband-self made
shoes-yongki komaladi
braided bracelet-unbranded
earring-dorothy perkins


actually i wanted to wear stockings, but i ended up wearing those.

don't have anymore to write,
much love,

Friday, April 10, 2009


again, new template and new header.
do you like them? i just feel like changing the appearance of my blog. it's kinda boring, perhaps.

lately, i did many many unexpected things. many many stupid, stupid and stupid things i did and most of them were not important, really. i don't want to talk about them.

even now i don't know what i'm talking about.

i want a camera!! i want a new lappie! i want a new phone! i want a new not-boring day! i want a cure for my craziness!!!!

yeah, just keep reading this blog.

but sorry if i am a bit lazy to post anything lately.
may be because of the exams and tests that await me...



i think i need some good sleep.

your bored blogger,

Monday, April 6, 2009

drama addict

whether korean, or taiwanese, or japanese drama, they're all very nice! very sad, but very romantic. call me a very late person, but i just finished watching the whole episodes of Silence. that tv series once was reproduced in indonesian, but i didn't watch it that time. and FYI, that film was successful to make me cry for hours, again and again.
even the soundtrack itself is extremely sad and has a sorrowful harmony.


and now, i am starting to watch Boys Before Flowers, which is the korean series of F4. which is very funny in its beginning. i like the soundtrack too.


happy listening~


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i heart arturo elena

i just knew his name several days ago, when i saw a book in Kinokuniya, which is the biggest bookstore i have ever been to. the self-taught amazing artist, Arturo Elena is a great fashion illustrator. and i love the way he uses colors and techniques. he is very successful in making different textures, materials, expressions and details.

here's some of his illustrations:

wonderful, isn't he?
his works are different. and extraordinary.
god i wanna be able to draw better. and be able to fashion-illustrate better.


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