Sunday, February 15, 2009

i love my birthday presents~

today, i'd like to say something to some of my friends.
not that crucial, but, yeah i wanna make them happy.
cuz they know how to make me feel good.

Audi, especially. if you read this blog, you'd know how much i appreciate your valuable and lovely present for me.
she gave me a fat diary and on the front page she wrote a very touchy letter,
which made me cry,
saying that it might be the last (T.T) birthday present she'd give. for me.
because next year she's moving to malaysia to continue her studies.
we've been in the same class since grade 7 and we're kinda bestfriend.
and i'd be extremely sad by the time she moves.

i also have other besties beside of her.
but deep in my heart, i love her.
she's my true friend that always supports and understands me.
i feel so sad if i remembered that we only have 4 months left....



secondly, i'd like to thank Ryan.
we've known each other since we were a 7th-grader also.
but we were like cats and dogs.
i don't know what had happened, but we're close now. :D
like mockingbirds, he said.

for my 15th birthday he gave me a keychain consisting of for different items,
one is his colorful bracelet,
then his wallet chain that he used to wear anywhere,
a boomerang keychain,
and a yellow and tiny-and-a-bit-dirty, circle keychain.
i never saw the last two items but i bet those aren't new.

he should know that i love that keychain.
although it's not new and it might be worthless for some people.
but that's one of the presents that i won't forget.
that's the best present i got from my friends, i could say.


Thirdly, to Kwang.
He's always there when i need him.
and he always want to give me the best.
i LOVE the necklace he gave me.
it's simple but gorgeous.
small but elegant.
it is the most beauutiful gift i've had in my life.
seriously, he really knows what i love.
i'm not just exaggerating.
if you see the necklace, you'd love it!

i love to show you those 3 things,
but my laptop has a trouble with its drivers.
may be next time i'll post the photos. OKaayy?

those were all that i got so far,
and i can't wait to find out what will my other bestfriends give me.

this posting may be not important for you, but the three names above,
they are important for me.

Thank you, love.


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