Saturday, February 28, 2009

safari review

On Friday, my friends and i went to the safari park. it was my first time going there. and,, it was fun! i enjoyed every moment when we were there and of course, we took a many many great photographs!
actually, we were supposed to be five. but Monica couldn't come >.<, cries, so it was just my sister, Vina, Gaby and me. and FYI, we were best
friends since we were very small, kindergarten it is. and we are still best friends till this second.

anyway, the safari park is still new and thank God it was Friday where not so many people come there. we didn't have to queue or wait to enter the park. hooray! ^O^
at first, we had a short bus ride to BALI TERMINAL, where our fun and games began.
there, we had a walk and found really beautiful places to be photo backgrounds like the suspension bridge, the fossils and many more.

we actually had a hard time for not having a personal photographer to take millions of photos for us. but the guards over there, they are so kind and most of the times, they offer to help us. (though some of them were kinda harassing us, but not really, because they were really nice towards us)

and then we had a ride with a boat to see some animals. it was a bit boring because there were only several types of animals. there were some silly things also, like the gigantic snake robot, which we thought not scary at all.

after that, we continued our walk to the su
spension bridge. it was totally ours! nobody passed through it and it lead us to a fossil park, which i named it. there were (fake, of course) dinosaurs fossils. and i like them. i like fossils. i like dinosaurs, even though i haven't seen and not likely to see one. there the park guards helped taking photos of us. oh, what a kind guy, i thought at first. but after helping us, he kind of forcing us to play the game that he operated. the Bumper Ride. it costs only 15k. i thought for a while and decided to play, but now i regret it. T__T. mine was not working at all! so i had to share with my sister, but i still had to pay full! i don't want to play it ever again! sigh.

i don't know what type of dinosaur is that, but it is beautiful!

look, the guy was playing MINE!!!

so after we played that stupid game, we were so tired that we decided to just take the safari journey with the bus. it was exciting! we saw different animals from different countries like Indonesia, of course, India, and African countries. but what happened when we saw the rhinoceros, it excreted its waste. it pooed in front of us! eww... >_<>

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