Saturday, February 7, 2009

what makes me happyyyyy

i enjoy my life so far. do you?
are you really happy? cuz, may be you're saying that you're so happy your mom bought you a blackberry or a new pair of jimmy choo's. but, think about it. is this kind of happiness likely to last for the rest of your life?

i don't think so,cuz i have experienced this type of feeling many, many times. and for me, being loved and supported by my family and friends bring me to a much more delightful life.

here's a story i want to share to all of ya:

you know, since i was a cute little girl, i always wanted to buy everything that i think is beauutiifulll. a limited edition barbie doll, a pair of exclusive nike shoes, a full collection of harajuku lovers perfume, a second-generation ipod touch, a macbook, a comfortable king koil bed to sleep on, et cetera. i thought having all of those things would make me cool and admired.

i finally got most of them, btw.
the moment i touched them, i felt really, really proud of myself that i succeeded persuading my parents to buy me those things. but.. let's say, 1 day? 1 week? 1 month later i even forgot that those stuff existed. not that i totally forgot them, but, i don't appreciate them as much as i did when they first belonged to me.

1 year later...

i forgot them completely.

but however, i learned something.
that you may be longing for a thing that you really want. but what happens after you got them, you forget about them.

it's the reverse for the love of family and friends.
may be you don't realize how deep is their love to you. like i did before.
but when i start sharing my problems with them, especially my mom, i learned that i couldn't live without my family. i keep wondering why didn't i value my family before.
and when i recall those moments when we laughed, played, even when we were mad to each other, i thank God that he gave me an imperfect family and caring friends. they're the ones that make my life happy. i mean, really happy.

what's more...

i can't really rely on my favourite and expensive thing like i rely on my friends and fam rite?

so, start loving them even more than they love you!!

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YasaBali said...

i had exactly the same situation like you have been through...


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