Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've been really sick since several days ago, and I'm still feeling nauseous :(. I got this flu from my sister, she got it from my parents, and they got it from my little brother.. He got it from his friends, and the chain goes on ;p . I hope that this is the last day of me feeling unwell, because tomorrow I'm going to Singapore for holiday!!! :D
Yeah I know that most of you had finished your holidays, but lucky me, my school starts on 3rd of August. Yosh! Thinking of the great Singapore Sale, Orchard road, Vivo city, Bugis junction and chinese food in China Town brings me some energy. they excite me!!! Ohhh I can't wait to shop!!

P.S: I'll be away for 4 days, so I wont be able to post anything.

Till then,

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi guys!!!! I am really and extremely sorry that I didn't update this blog since last month. I was having many problems that affected myself for weeks. Friends, families, who haven't had any problems? I know that we all have.. I was feeling bluuuuueeeeee (the sad parts) and reeedddddd (the mad parts). even till now.. :( . but I realize that sitting back and crying don't do any good. 

Oh, how I really missed blogging! now let me present my first ever post (starting this July) hehehe ;P

Actually, this post is nothing but to say that I'm back. I know that everyone missed me.. :D

Oh! and what do you think about my new banner? I changed it just several minutes ago because the previous one was kinda boring..  or is it not?? you decide!! ;)

that girl who was sad and now is done with it.

P.S.: Thank you for your sweet and supportive comments! they really helped to make my day! :)

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