Wednesday, February 11, 2009

too many?

tomorrow is my birthday,,
but today, i, miraculously could have my afternoon nap, am sick.
this is because of the hot-rainy-and-hot-and-then-rainy-again season in denpasar.

it's a difference, you know, when i say that the cause of my illness is the season.
usually, i said that i was sick because i got so many lessons to do.
i'd blame my parents because they tell me to learn countless subjects.

yeah except for sundays.

since i was in elementary school, people said that i was 1 cm away from a businesswoman.
they said that i was too busy as a kid, with one, two or three lesson(s) a day.
here's the list of all things that i've done since i was in elementary school :
  • Ballet dancing
  • modern dancing
  • abacus (math, basically)
  • school subject tutorials
  • piano lesson
  • singing lesson
  • violin lesson
  • guitar lesson
  • painting/drawing lesson
  • swimming tutorials
  • English class
  • megabrain lesson (makes me to memorize and learn things better and faster)
it was tiring, exhausting and dead-causing doing all of those things.
i mean, can you imagine it?
a ten-year-old girl doing 12 different additional courses.

i used to complain to my mom.
i used to not understand the importance of studying.
i used to ask "why me?" , "why that much?" , and "when?"
when do these nightmares stop haunting my days?

years passed.

ballet dancing was going to Antarctica.
modern dancing was visiting Egypt.
abacus and megabrain moved to the south pole.
guitar and singing lesson was migrating to Iraq.
and the last but not least, the F-ing unimportant swimming tutorials, it flew to china.

five more lessons to go!

Chinese language made Bali as its habitat. but it only stayed for less than a year.
Japanese language stayed in Denpasar, but only for 6 months.
French language---it still lives here until today.

now, in highschool, i'm only doing 6 different lessons,
but of course they're not once a week only.
the school subjects tutorials are thrice a week.
the others are once a week!

now i think i'm more or less 7cm away from a businesswoman...

all of us surely have experienced changes.
this is one of many changes in my life. and this is the nice one.
but of course things change, and some might be worse than before.

may be,,,
next year i'm 9cm away.

who knows??

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