Sunday, April 19, 2009


it was pretty tiring yesterday. in the evening, mu uncle, my boyfriend, my sister and I went to Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran to see a painting exhibition. it's not exactly a painting. the artist paints the negative of the painting on an acrylic glass and before the oil dries, he stamps it onto a piece of paper or canvas. so it's really impossible to reproduce the same painting. it seems hard although the ideas and objects painted are really simple. he is actually a balinese, called I Made Arya Dwita Dedok. he's my uncle's friend FYI. his exhibition's theme was Love, Peace and Understanding. really general, i think. but it's no surprise if the prices of his paintings are expensive. i can understand that.

after that we went to a nearby fish market by the sea to take a few photographs. my uncle, who is a pro in photography, taught me several things. but yeah my photos are still not that good. haha

okay please excuse my non-special photo-taking ability.

here are some pics i took:

is he my uncle or my boyfriend?

then we stopped in Simpang siur near patung dewa ruci. my uncle taught me how to take photos of cars' light. i also learned to take good pictures of glowing objects in the dark. it's amazing! but my boyfiend's camera amazed me the most. it's brilliant. but i'm not that serious in photography, so... it doesn't bother me much.hehe

feeling hungry, my mom called and we met at sanur, in a small japanese 'warung' i don't know what it's called. we ate takoyaki and sushi. so delicioussss and made my stomach really full. now i'm drooling TT

today i'm not going to school. too lazy to go. moreover there's nothing important at school today, so i just stay at my mom's comfy room. oh last night i slept with her, replacing my dad. he's out of town.

long-sleeve shirt,dad's--silver legging,forever21--mickey sneakers,MCKY--bangles,just jeans

till then,

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