Friday, April 24, 2009

a small reunion

oh it was fine. we enjoyed it.

yeah, actually my best friend vina arranged a small reunion for our close friends when we were still in elementary school. i thought at least 8 of us would come. but yesterday we were just four. others, they had another thing to do. how sad, but it was great yesterday.

we went to Waterbom and ate and swam and splashed and slided and talked and laughed. it was fun, you know, meeting and playing with our childhood close friends, and we haven't met since ages. i'm quite disappointed actually, because some of them were not able to come. may be someday i should arrange a better reunion with more friends. and of course force them to come.

thirsty vina



and i tried Superbowl for the first time. i felt really dizzy after that. i mean, can you imagine yourself being sucked into a small hole in the middle of a bowl? Yeah! you're right! you are going round and round before you can go down. like this.

and finally...

boomerang and maccaroni were the most exciting ones. woo-hoo i enjoyed yesterday very much! but it's dak. my skin burns on my shoulders. it's reddd.

aww so cute!

so that's yesterday.

till next lovely day,




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