Saturday, April 18, 2009

by the sea and the grass

today's headlines :
1. Janice was doing the IELTS exam.
2. Janice finished the exam.
3. Janice was bored staying at home.
4. Janice took several photo-shoots.
5. Janice found this website, where she got the background below.
6. Janice edited them.


topshop basic tee
miss sixty denim pants
charles and keith flats
second hand vest
jayjays bangle
rattan bag bought in Kuta

ooh! i am extremely happy today since i missed Mr Haresh maths lesson.
woo-hoo! no lesson yes smile!

did you know that i was taking the photographs with my new little camera? yeah-no-yeah-may be. but i need more understandings of the programs it has. i need more readings of the manuals. ganbatte ne! \++/

what a short day...
i wish that i could have more three or four Saturdays in a week rather than having sleepy Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. and having more time to play dress-up. but the former wish is kinda impossible. i am dreaming too high.

bye fellas,
have a nice, relaxing, enjoyable and exciting weekend!

Love always,

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