Friday, March 20, 2009

blair waldorf wannabe

so today, as i promised yesterday, i made my very own headbands, which i mentioned before, are inspired by blair waldorf and topshop collections. the main shape??? of course all of you know! the bow!

here are some pictures i took to show you my D-I-Y holiday projects. oh, and please excuse the quality of the images since i took it from my webcam camera.


yo, peace guys!

i look so chubby, or i am?

hmm, nice, isn't it?

big big dotty bow!

two of them together, kuh-ray-zee!

so, what do you think? is it cute? i think it's cute and eye-catching but i hope it's not eye-itching. laughs. which one do you prefer? moi, the red one, despite the fact that i love Lovee LOve LOVE pink. ^o^

oh-so-tiring day i have today, gonna sleep and dream now. *o*

good nite fellas,

lots of love,


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