Saturday, March 21, 2009

the bow maniac

so, since the big red headband had been launched yesterday, today i was wearing it. constantly i found my friends saying that i am so cute and a sweetie pie. they said i looked like Minnie Mouse. Yaayyy! i like minnie, and i love Disney!

so this looks like what i wore today (very similar!):

BIG dotty red bow
long sleeve plain t-shirt-topshop
white ruffle skirt-by the sea
leather wristwatch-guess
canvas bag-unbranded
canvas shoes-self made
bracelet-a gift
necklace-you know, i mentioned it before
black stocking-unbranded
red big bow headband-self made

P.S : ignore the bog bows at the back, they're just backgrounds. ^__^

if you want to post any comments, puh-leasseee just do it in my cbox. i think sumthing is wrong with this blog. ookayy?

much love for you,


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