Thursday, March 19, 2009

shopping desire

i don't know why, but lately i crave a lot for shopping, especially after i find this bloopendorse online shop that sells cute outfits and for a smart-aka cheap, price. most of them are below Rp 200k !! the problem is, i don't have a personal bank account, so i guess i'd just persuade my mom to do the transferring. she'll be willing to help, won't she? if it's okay for her so it will be my first online shopping! i'm so excited about it. \^o^/

btw, since by tomorrow, my mom's office is back-to-its-daily-basis, (not a holiday anymore), i'll go with her to her office and do something to my plain pin
k headband, perhaps to make it to be similar to one of topshop's. i will try the best and use fabric that i bought last holiday. they're piling in my drawer waiting to be cut and sewn! it will be cute, i promise. it's fun actually making your own things, rather than buying same-looking things for an expensive price.

it's kinda like Blair's, and i love her headbands!

and also, today i watched the Slumdog Millionaire. it was great! so touchy, shocking yet funny
. Danny Boyle is a genious, i could say. the film is very realistic.

one of my favourite scene

when i watched the movie i just realized that i've been absent for watching who wants to be a millionaire for ages! it was and is still my favourite television quiz till now.

ah! it's almost midnight! that is my cue to sleep since tomorrow i have to 'work'.
have a good night and a lovely sleep!



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