Wednesday, June 17, 2009

bye heights!

Yesterday I went to Bedugul with my friends. we took the Tree Top adventure, which was fun actually, but due to my phobia of heights, it was Not fun. uuurrrghh.. I was so scared! the trees were so tall, and I couldn't stand the moving planks and ropes. tree top is so-not-me. But then we went speed-boating in the lake. Oh what fun. feeling the cold wind blowing my face and hair. lovely feelings, indeed. hehehehe. And.. I tried to steer the boat. hehe that's my first experience,really. 

For any of you who is brave enough and adventurous, I recommend you go to 'Kebun Raya' in Bedugul if you're visiting Bali someday, to try the Tree Top stuff. :)

yyeep. that's me. there!

my hands were hurt by the metal cable. aaargh.

with jesslyn, vita, audrey, jessica, joscelind and my sister.

audrey and jessica (they look like they're twins), me and jesslyn.

that's about yesterday.

tonight, I went to the airport to accompany my dearest friend, Ryan Ruslan. He's going to stay in Jakarta with his family. Bye bye, Ryan!!!! take care there and don't cry!!

monica, ryan and me at the airport. :'(

The Morning Assembly.
Ryan, Leo, Syailendra, Jun Ku and Kihnham.

the band misses you already, Ryan...!

I am so sorry for the poor qualities of the photos. they were like, taken by my friend's BB which, itself, is not a proper camera. 

Bye Ryan...don't cry because you miss me! ;p


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