Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi guys!!!! I am really and extremely sorry that I didn't update this blog since last month. I was having many problems that affected myself for weeks. Friends, families, who haven't had any problems? I know that we all have.. I was feeling bluuuuueeeeee (the sad parts) and reeedddddd (the mad parts). even till now.. :( . but I realize that sitting back and crying don't do any good. 

Oh, how I really missed blogging! now let me present my first ever post (starting this July) hehehe ;P

Actually, this post is nothing but to say that I'm back. I know that everyone missed me.. :D

Oh! and what do you think about my new banner? I changed it just several minutes ago because the previous one was kinda boring..  or is it not?? you decide!! ;)

that girl who was sad and now is done with it.

P.S.: Thank you for your sweet and supportive comments! they really helped to make my day! :)


Gita Amanda said...

hey there..
i love ur new banner..
its more cool than the old one :)
dont forget to see mine yah ^^,

Wina said...

happy to hav u back!! iya Aku Bkn Pilihan meski jadul ttp oke yah!

u mean this winter hol? gak jan, biasa summer nov tar blknya : )

Velo said...

cute banner. hehe =)
akhirnya ngepost juga... =D

F i K a said...

finally U update ur blog :)..
hmmm,U haven't link me back..don't u?
I ask this because a few days ago U ask me to exchange link..and I already link U..hihi

anw,the new banner is better than the banner before :)..

MH said...

woaa. cool bannerr. aww, cheer up okay? hehehe

Katya T. said...

Welcome back!!! (^_^)

t a l i s h a said...

jan.. u're back!
the banner looks a bit too plain for me.. anyway i hope ur world is still as sweet (:

Sabila Anata said...

keep it up !

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto said...


Janice Nerissa said...

thanks for liking the new banner and for welcoming me . hehe :D

nguppinger said...

i know..your miss...cute...moga bisa terus ngepost in future yo..

yo = ya

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

hagemaru said...

thats so cute. i love it <3

Anonymous said...

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