Sunday, June 14, 2009

a sweet escape

Hey... I'm back! I missed blogging so much! Did you miss my blog? Aahh.. don't deny it.. I know you did.. so here's a long long post, special for you ;)

Well, I haven't post anything about the prom night last Friday in Planet Hollywood. okay,nothing much to say-so this is what I wore at prom:

the pic was taken after the prom. I look so pathetic with those exhausted eyes.

jessica, louis, me and tiffanie

About yesterday, yesterday my bestfriends and I and my sister went to Villa Agga Citta. the major purpose was actually to celebrate my sister's birthday (though it was late). we stayed there for one (short) night and that was a very sweet escape. We had so much fun. The villa was great. we sang, we danced, we stole things. lol. we swam, or skinny-dipped (?), we screamed, we ate, we drank, we escaped... yeahh... Everything was great except one thing, which is a secret that I'll never tell. hihi. actually I want to tell you our 'adventure', but...just don't mind it. :D. Overall, we enjoyed every crazy moments we had. Every crazy things that we did.

Hmm...this afternoon Vina's boyfriend, Michael came for holiday to Bali. FYI he's from Jakarta (I wonder how could they succeeded in their long-distance relationship). But now I'm glad that she feels so happy. :D

Today, I went to a mall and the church. so tiring...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!!! I forgot to tell you guys, that I bought several love love them! :D
1. a macbook
2. a pair of rotelli boots
3. 'serena' dress
4. a print t-shirt

I am Sooooooo happy! :D

see these photos... ;)

this afternoon was very hot. >o<
wearing : flamingo print t-shirt, thrifted balloon skirt, bangles, and Rotelli boots.

this is my bestfriend, Gaby. I just love this pic. hehehe
do visit her blog, here.

Anyway, I experimented and tried almost all of the effects in the photobooth. It was fun, making fun of our silly faces. lol.

Janice Corbuzier ( look at the frontal hair, it's like Deddy Corbuzier's (indonesian magician) ;p

us, four!

trying to look like one of the character in Naruto ( I forget his name)

Lovely gigantic cartoonish eyes!

OMG my sister had a magnetic hand!

Yes. I know exactly what you think of me. Lame. hihi. it's okay.. I am lame! Go lame! ;p

wish you a wonderful night,


Vina Sagita said...

wow, you must be so happy buying those new things. :)
i also played photobooth effects when i use mac a few months ago. it's super fun. XD

Janice Nerissa said...

yes yes yes I am so happy XD
it was super fun, indeed! ;)
It makes me laugh when I'm super bored. lol

Anonymous said...

your prom at planet hollywood? how cool!
nice boots janice :)

nitya said...


aku juga suka beli Rotelli..!

enak bgt dipakenya selain desainnya bagus, rite??


Janice Nerissa said...

lidwina: hihi yes it was at planet hollywood.. ;)

nitya: iyaaa... keren designnya, slain itu juga comfy bnget buat di pake. nyaman banget.. :D

t a l i s h a said...

i like ur new shopping fins. and as for LDR.. yeaa u must be grateful u don't hv to experience one.. haha wait for my surprise okay dear

Gabriella N. R. said...

janice. ya ampunn:)
pengen nginep lagii yakk ;)
hehehe, thx blogku di link :)

Janice Nerissa said...

iyah, hahahaha.
oops gaby, don't tell our 'little' secret! hihihihi

Janice Nerissa said...

talisha: okay I'll be waiting :D and yeah, I'm grateful that I don't have to experience one. umm.. is being apart for one month counted? hehe ;)

Gabriella N. R. said...

pasti ! hahaha :)

t a l i s h a said...

emgnya where is your boyfriend currently at? haha u must be missing him very much..


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