Saturday, June 6, 2009

skirt hunting

These are the things that I bought on Friday. what do you think of them? I think they're beautiful.. ;) and I love those two I consider my best buys. They're majorly basic pencil/tulip skirts, but I also bought a sheer cardigan, glittery legging, a blazer and a denim zipper bustier. I bought a total of 16 items with only $25. hihihihi so happy..

sheer cardigan and glittery legging

ruffle and pattern skirts

batik and plastic-like bubble skirt

floral and orange skirt

pink and blue popping skirt

printed skirt and snake-skin (?) skirt.

denim zipper bustier

those skirts fit me, but I need to shorten all of them. I prefer them to be above my knees. I thought I look like a teacher wearing knee-length skirts.

anyways, wish me luck for tomorrow's bio and E.M exams! I only have 6 more exams, and then...I'm free! :D



vorega badalamenti said...

wow... beli dmana aja?? denim skirt nya oke banget =)

love, V

Janice Nerissa said...

itu bukan skirt, tp bustier..hehehe ada gitu di pasar kodok.. :) di bali pastinya..hehee

icaaaa said...

dimana pasar kodok jan?waw waw kok aku baru denger

Janice Nerissa said...

ntar2 aku tanyain tmen ku dehh ca,, buta jalan aku.heehee tp somewhere in tabanan.. ;p

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

now you have to wear them one by one and take some pictures of you and, of course, post them on your blog :D.

sure, let's exchange links.

Janice Nerissa said...

sure! but now I'm still having my exams. uuuuhhh I can't wait till friday, when everything's done.

jessica said...

the snake skin skirt is definitely super!!

Janice Nerissa said...

thanks jessica! that's why I consider it one of my best buys.haha

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

nice choices, beneran deh.
Beli sgitu dalam waktu skali belanja?hehe

Best buynya bener2 best buy,love it.

Janice Nerissa said...

iya sekali blanja,,hehehe soalnya jarang kesana sih tempatnya jauh dari rumah.. :(

thankssss.. ;)


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