Monday, June 8, 2009

Should I be Happy?

I checked my email just now, and found out a little surprise. yeah.. actually I joined that Wondershoe photo contest and submitted several photos of myself wearing the shoes. I didn't get the first place, second place, nor the third place. But, unexpectedly I will also get one pair of Wondershoe shoes, because they also like my photo. the difference is, that I can't choose the shoes I want. they'll just send them to my house. I hope that I'll get the one that I like. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Hmm... Remember those photos taken at the mangrove center in my older post? uhuh..that's right. They like one of them. they like that photo.

click the pic for bigger image.

what I'm looking forward right now:
for tomorrow to be Friday.
for my prom dress to be finished.
for me to lose these fatty acids from those fats converted by the enzyme lipase in my body. (uurrgh I'm sick of biology)
for that shoe package to arrive soon.



josephine said...

bruntung bngt deh beberapa yg ga juara juga dikasih spatu gratis..X) you should be happy, girl..

wickedapple said...

I don't think youre gonna get ugly shoes so i think you should be pretty happy they did like your work :) good job!

selly octavia said...

wow.... congratulations.... good job... tadinya aku juga mau ikut.. tapi lagi banyak kerjaann.. hiks.. hiks... :)

Janice Nerissa said...

thanks darling..:D

selly : kalo ada lagi kontes2 kyk gitu ikut aja..hehe.. siapa tau bisa menang ;)

.HappyTogether. said...

janice, hehe
dapet sepatu lagi diaa :) hehe

akhirnya bisa masukin gambar webnya. hehe
kapan2 ajarin yaa :)

.HappyTogether. said...

yang hppy togeteher tu Gby jan.
nih masih pke id orang. hehe

Janice Nerissa said...

okeh gab.. gmpang bngt kok heheee

Katya T. said...

Hi, Janice! =D Nice to meet you! Thank you for comment, this is so sweet of you! You are always welcome at my bloggy, though I think next update will take time... Pretty busy I am now :)
I like you blog too!
And congrats! I think anybody would feel excited as you are :)

Janice Nerissa said...

thanks Katya! I'll be waiting for your next post :)

nitya said...

hi Janice..
we're the same..I won that free shoes too..haha.
I think your picture is very natural n fresh!


Janice Nerissa said...

thanks nitya.. :D
oh well..we're lucky enough that we still get a prize. hahaha

nitya said...

haha iya nih.seneng banget..

itu foto dimana?
keren deh pemandangannya..

Janice Nerissa said...

di mangrove center nitya.. hehehe makasih.. :D


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