Friday, May 22, 2009

new layout

What do you think? I'm quite bored with the layout I used before. so..
here it is. the new three-column template..

Eating seven plates of sushi in Sushi Tei today, I felt like I am a food-filled balloon. I was eating like crazy to the extent that I was unable to put anything more in my mouth. Uh-oh.. one is going to find out that she'd gained weight tomorrow. >o<

by the way, I got a great news yesterday. My SAT score has been announced in the collegeboard website and I got 700 in the maths part. that means that I am guaranteed to get an at least half of the scholarship to study in BIS. woo-hoo!! I'm proud of myself, really, for I had done so much studying in order to achieve that high score. :)

P.S: sorry for those who have blogs previously linked in this blog, because of this layout change, they all vanished! but I will try to link all of your blogs, dear. but not today. no worries, okay..

I'm going to sleep now.


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