Sunday, May 31, 2009

shitty electricity

went to mangrove center to do a photo session with my uncle this morning, and now, after seeing the pics, I do realize that he is a gifted photographer. ;p.

and then, it was a family day. we ate dimsum and picked wallpapers and curtains for the new house. I thought the color range in my new bedroom will be great. but... let's see after it's finished.
I hope I didn't make a wrong decision. :(

Tomorrow is THE chemistry exam. and FYI, this evening when I just came home with an intention of studying, suddenly...the lamp went dead. I think the whole Denpasar was affected. It was so dark and there was only my sister and me in the house. we can't find any lighter but thank God we have an emergency lamp. I was bored and scared to death. Luckily not long after that our dad picked us up and dropped us in a cafe and we ended up studying and chatting and messing around with papers like crazy in the silent cafe for hours, with only iced lemon tea and frozen bubble tea being ordered.

I wish my new house has a generator machine.

I wish all my hard work that I've done for tomorrow's test pays of.

I wish I had have aladdin's magic lamp with me.


P.S: will upload the photos soon. I know you can't wait to see them.. :D



Anonymous said...

i'll be waiting girl :)

Wina said...

hey girl, was just looking thru ur link list n wondering where my blog link was??

Janice Nerissa said...

Oh! all of the link lists and gadgets disappeared after I changed my layout. I kinda forgot that I haven't link your blog, but now it's there under the fashion inspiration link list. check it out ;)

life of a young lady said...

can't wait for your photos:)

Janice Nerissa said...

I'll surely post them on soon ;)

Anonymous said...

another interruption :
we can't find any

with only iced lemon tea and frozen bubble tea being ordered.
>>were ordered

Janice Nerissa said...

aw you are so kind for correcting my mistakes. hmmm.. interested in being my personal grammar-checker?if you do, I really appreciate it from my deepest heart. ;)

but, I need to know your name first to be able to thank you properly. FYI I don't like saying "thanks, anonymous". I prefer saying "thanks,Jill" or "thanks, Bob".hhh..but thanks anyway. I know you are happy now that I admit that I am not perfect and that I am not as smart as you-in English language.But in a case, such as 'having the nerve to let people know who are you' , I guess I am still better than you. no?


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