Monday, March 16, 2009

surprise for gaby!

my dearest BFF gaby,,,, happy birthday (again-and-for the 100th time)!!

i love you!


hey, by the i'm using a new template for my blog. what do you think? cute, right? i like it so much, since i like sweets and candies. ^o^

okay, as you see the title of this blog, i'm going to post about my fun weekend. i had a sleep-over at gaby's house. and i think it's the 5th time.

first of all, that saturday morning, vina and me went to tiara to buy a cake for gaby. we planned to give her a surprise. so we also bought colorful balloons. then,we 'sneaked' to her house while she were at school, bored studying, perhaps. lol. we, blew all the 25 balloons, and put our letters inside some of them. our plan was to make gaby burst all the ballons in order for her to read 4 letters that we wrote. it was tiring and breath-consuming blowing all of them! after that,we hid the ballons in the maid's room at the back of the house.

vina and me--so many balloons, you see!

and then, we went back home.

in the evening, we went to her house, and ate out. around 9, we started to do each other's nails. oh and we had a simple pedicure, with oriflame foot cream and foot spray, which is so cool! then i put dark blue nail polish and yellow dots for vina's hand nails, and lime-y yellow with stars for mine. gaby loves purple, so purple it is for her. and my sister, she knew what's best for her, which i don't. laughs. by the way, we used the face shop nail polish that my mom bought in singapore for just $3 each! best buy!

oriflame, etude and the face shop items

pink, lime and indigo!

my thumb, with stars! <3>

and we gossiped and gossiped, and we story-told about ghosts, and it was 5 to midnight. lucky, gaby herself wnted to go to the bathroom. i told her that i also wanted to go, so we went together. actually, while we were in the bathroom (and i was trying so hard to hold gaby there until 12 o'clock), my sister and vina moved all the balloons to her bedroom, lighted the candles on the tart we bought, and turned off the light.

we took photographs and then it was time for gaby to pop the balloons, but using her butt! lols. it was really funny! until finally she had to pop all the balloons to be able to read our letters. so sweet... there were 4 letters from me, vina, my sister and a happy-birthday-sista note from us.

so many balloons...

hard, is it?

happy bithday!

after that, i acted as a hair-stylist. laughs. and we played uno stacco. the one who lost had to drink Futami, a very strange-tasting tea.

tea with 17 ingredients

we had so much fun.i can't wait for the next sleep-over at gaby's house again!

love is in the air,


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