Friday, March 13, 2009

free time


finally..! this examination week is now over!
yeah! ^O^

i'm so glad that the next 2 week, it's a holiday!
actually we have to come to school on monday and tuesday after next week, but i consider those two days holiday, since i don't know that we are supposed to go on those days. ^^,
what i know is that the galungan, kuningan and nyepi holidays are taking 2 weeks off the school.

today is the last day of school and i have no lessons today!

so i just watch the korean tv series called Spring Waltz

love the yellow one--hate the green one
the man with white blazer is so cute!


and also, lately i am thinking of buying a camera and a lomo.
do you know what a lomo is? just click this.
there are many types, and i'm more attracted to the supersampler one.
it's not that expensive and it's very vintage, since it uses film to process the images. and the shape of the camera, so cute!!!

the pearl supersampler!

it has 4 lenses in it and can capture four moving images. i love it! and planning to buy it soon!

yea by the way, gotta go now!
to blog or not to blog tomorrow?
check it out tomorrow then!
holla peeps!

gros bisous,


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