Tuesday, June 9, 2009

delicious virtual meals

Daniel Phillip Henney. I know that I am so obsessed with him. Seeing his photos always makes my day, so I'll just post a few pics of him on my blog. *big grin*.

Now. as you already know, the last is the best. hehehehehe. all of those above are just the appetizers. now, enjoy your main course..

tadaaaaa... I love this pic. he is so HOT!

God, bless me for tomorrow's exams.
Daniel, bless me, your biggest fan.

P.S : no dessert, please. I'm on a special diet-as Edward Cullen said in Twilight. ;p

I know you love me,



clairegrenade said...

ooooooh hello man...

great post! hahaha

xAZD said...

Wow! He's so amazing!!

t a l i s h a said...

oh man.. i looveeeeee daniel henney! do you know he appeared in the prequel of terminator? he is totally a hottie, ain't he? btw how was physics MCQ today? i think i did fine enuff, though i spotted some silly mistakes after handing in the paper.. ughhhh.. hahahha sorry for the lenghty comment.

Janice Nerissa said...


talisha: yes he's a hottie tal! yes! I just knew it when I watched that movie.. aaarrrgh.. I can't stand it when he smiles.. haha. I feel like melting. lol
me too... I think I did well.. may be I can get an A. muahahaha let's just hope. hehe


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