Saturday, May 2, 2009

a tough saturday

i took the SAT exam this morning. and it was super-hard. the English part was cuh-ray-zee!!! i was guessing most of the answers. although i knew that points are deducted for wrong answers but what the hell, who knows if i made the right choice?
but i think i did well in the maths part. only in the maths part. aarrrghhh... i don't think that i can get a scholarship now.. ToT . and i couldn't wait for the result to come. sigh. i need to be cheered by you guys...

well then i went to Sushi Tei with my mom and sister, and ate lots of sushi there. negitoro maki is one of my favorites. in the evening i went to Ocean Beach Club to celebrate my bestfriend's birthday, monica. there were her old friends too but i
t was okay, i made friends with them. i am always happy when i meet and get to know new people. ^o^. meeting and talking to new people open my eyes even more and make me understand something from different points of view. and for me it is a valuable lesson. hihihi

top,supre--high-waist jeans,unbranded--clogs,charles and keith--bag,cece leeyah made it for me--necklace,mom bought it

ooh now i am extremely tired. and exhausted.
good night ladies and gentlemen,


Wina said...

Wah supre jg ada di Bali ya? Thanks for ur advice yaa, no havnt bought any..

Just checking first if theyre copying any designer's bag hehehe

Janice Nerissa said...

gak ada , wina..
haha itu bajunya beli wktu liburan ke aussi..hehe

if they're copying then you shouldn't buy any of them.. ^^,

Lokita Mardanti said...

aku suka lace tops-nya..

Lokita Mardanti said...

Whooops...wrong URL!

Janice Nerissa said...

thanks love.. ;)


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