Tuesday, May 19, 2009

thay're not mine to drool over

but yet, I am drooling...

in love with tan heels

currently I am totally in love with tan heels. they matched every colors and is classic! :)

foral love

can you guess the theme? Yes, baby. Flower power! I also love floral dresses,and more.

acid wash

and this is..... acid washed jeans. me likey.. ;D

Yaaaayy.. i have no exams tomorrow! I just have one more to do... for this week. ^o^ relaxing and having lots of free time make me smile a lot. :)



nerissa said...

d wash jeans me likey too :)

nerissa said...

d wash jeans me likey too :)

ica said...

acid wash jeans me likey too :)

Blog A Wogga Ha Ha said...

aduh jan sorry commentnya triple hahah salah pencet

Janice Nerissa said...

haha jadi quadruple tuh comment nya.. hehehe iya nih gak ada miss selfridge dsini dmn ya nyari kyk bgituan?


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