Monday, May 4, 2009

a little surprise

i'm glad i went to school today. hehe. the voucher has arrived! i just knew today that i got the third position for the IGCSE examination in Art and Design. yaayyyyy!! i am proud of myself, really, for it is international. \^o^/

the director of the cambridge section in my shool was really proud, i guess, because he is also the art teacher in my class. laughs. he asked my other friends and i to take several photographs and he said that they will appear in the school's website.

and special congrats for Audi, Jein, and Laksmini (i'm sure you still have your grin on your face because you beat me in Indonesian language, hahahah)



curious of what's inside?

lovely voucher with my claim code.

i am really happy, but does ship to Indonesia? anyone knows? i, myself, am not sure.. [>o<]


echi said...

wow. kok bisa dapet voucher? enaknyaa.. :)

Janice Nerissa said...

soalnya dapet peringkat ke 3 di IGCSE exam nya echi.. hehehe
tapi ternyata nggak cuma shipping buku sama DVD ke indonesia.. ToT


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