Friday, May 8, 2009

i just found out....

i just found out...

that my name is in my school's website. so cool!

click here to see it.

it's under the
'Taman Rama Students Win Cambridge Best in the World Awards' headline.
yeah... i know, i know.. i know it's just my school website, not like it appears in the Cambridge website. but still... i am proud of myself. hihihihi

anyway, starting on 12/05 is my IGCSE exams. i mean real exams. and i make a promise to myself to consume much lesser time for the internet. i'm gonna cut down the time to surf the internet. oh but it's too tempting....

and my fellow readers, please accept my apology for my idea of not posting anything in this blog until the exams finish. but may be this idea wont work, cos i know that i'm not a rule-obeyer. hmmm. let's just see.. but keep visiting my blog! =D

and last but not least, thanks for your support and comments. i really appreciate them ^o^

till then,


Wina said...

yah the link not working tuh! but congrats anywayyy!! : )

Janice Nerissa said...

hahaha, thanks by the way! :)


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