Monday, March 30, 2009

i'm back


the holidays are over now. ToT .cries. but i had pretty much laughs and fun back there when i was in jakarta. i like that city a lot. i mean, i frequently feel that bali is a rather boring place for me, a teen who don't like to dive, scuba-dive, surf, or doing those adventurous kind of things-for now. i feel that the capital city of indonesia is where i am supposed to be. i wanna live there! but i cannot...

what do i like there? yeah, you know.. doing all the shoppings.. or even just windowshop in many unique and great boutiques and shops (though not all of them i can afford, with my allowance). i admit that i didn't shop till i drop. but i am quite satisfied with what i got.

as i mentioned before, the list of my tights is growing. i bought many stockings and leggings with many colors. i love the pink one! and the yellow one! and the silver leggings! oh i wish that money grows on trees. and with no doubt i will fill my garden full of those green and lovely plants! but money doesn't grow on trees, so.. i just can dream that someday it will. but only on my trees. teehee

i need the money...! to buy this very very stunning leather jacket i saw in ZARA. i need it so badly..!!!

so tired today,



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