Monday, March 2, 2009

25 random things about Janice

So this 25 random things are very popular and people tag each other's name so they fill it. i'm just about to open up my 25 'secrets'. hope you know more about me!


1. most of the boys in my class are afraid of me. s
eriously, they are. i don't know why, but they keep calling me 'macan'. i admit that i am moody, but i am like that because they are distracting me! when they do so, i will usually shout to them to shut their F-ing mouth up, regardless who they are. even the most scary, muscular, temperamental and cruel boy in my class is also afraid of me. once he tried to disturb me by turning off the light while i was studying, and then i deliberately pour water onto his bag. luckily he didn't beat me up. fuhh...

2. i like to be liked by guys. since i was in elementary school, my innocent and short classmates liked me. i know they were not serious about that, but i enjoyed every moment that they put their attentions to me. even the boys who were not in my class liked me too. until now, i still like to be mysterious to them who like me, pretending to not know that they like me, but actually i realize it. ^_^

3. i don't like doing sciences although i'm good at them. i hate scien
ces, they are boring and useless for me. I am not going to remember any of them next year (?). but i AM taking those subjects. i really don't know why i still chose them instead of doing social studies. may be it's because my parents told me that i am capable of getting high marks-which is true. (i'm bragging right now. laughs)

4. i am lazy. what do i do when i see mess in my bedroom? nothing. usually it's when my mom gets angry and really really furious, that i start to clean them up a little bit.

5. i keep my nails short. although i use the nail-strengthening coating,
it's still starting to be chipped when the white part is just about 5 mm long. it's so annoying! >.< style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">i HATE durians. 'tempe', and peanuts. actually there are more that i hate, and most of them are fruits and vegetables. but for the three i mentioned above, i think they are disgusting! but my father, my mum and most of my family members, they LOVE it. love. which means that they buy them frequently and the smell of the durians, it hurts my nose so badly. i can't stand smelly food especially that spiky fruit.


7. i like photos. either the one who takes it or the one who's being photographed. ~_~

8. i often dream about many impossible things. that i'd become a very rich and famous fashion designer... or that i'd own an island and build a resort there... or that i was a movie star... or that i had a perfect skinny body... or that i wouldn't have any problems in achieving those dreams.

9. as a child, i once cried when my mum told me that someday my teeth were going to fall out. it was very funny if i recall those moments. i was so afraid that it was gonna hurt so much that i cried as loud as i could.

10. i'm a type of girl who feels better after i cry. everytime i feel exhausted, angry at myself, scared, regretting something, and obviously sad because of something, i cry. and then, i feel better.

11. for me, late is a normal thing. i said so because if you're late, you're the one who feel the impact. i am late to school almost once every two days. and i think i didn't miss anything important. instead, the punishment is only attending a time-out, which means that i can't have my 2nd recess. but it's okay for me. :D

12. i hate anonymous calls. i don't know who the heck are they, but they are annoying! they keep calling and asking whether i was *name of his friend* or not. when i said no, instead of saying oh-sorry-and-thanks, they ask my name and where do i come from and where do i live and blah blah blah. they are such bastards for doing that stupidity.

13. until now, i still assume that expensive stuff are better than cheaper ones although they may actually be better somehow. for example, there are these two cases: case 1 --> i saw a Gucci bag for $500. case 2 --> i found an exactly same bag but in a retail store and priced only $30. i will think that the $30 one is a replica even though it is nawt, and i'd think that the cheaper one is crap although the material and design are same, actually.

14. i always think positive things about myself. that i am pretty, smart, talented, and admired.

15. i still like fairy tales and happy-endings. i adore them. classic but romantic stories. i hope that my life will be like a fairy tale that in the end, i live happily ever after. ^____^

16. i don't like being ignored and forced to do sumthing. it's just... i hate it. we all hate it, don't we?

17. i like observing animals but i'm scared of them. i like many cute animals like penguins, rabbits, hamsters, puppies, cats and many more. but i am too scared to touch them. it's like i am paranoid of animals. once when i was in grade 8, i went to my friend's house. there were many rabbits there, and one of my friend, she lifted the rabbit and she ran towards me. i couldn't think at that time so i just ran around the sofa like crazy! >o<

18. i am anti-colas until two years ago. i just couldn't swallow anything containing sodas like coca cola, fanta, seven up, etc. i felt like vomiting if anytime i drank soda-containing beverages.

19. Go Chilis! i like spicy and hot food. i like chili sauce and 'sambal', especially 'sambal matah'. it's so tasty! and one thing: i can't eat if the food is not spicy.


20. i am not a prefect anymore. i didn't know what did teachers see in myself that they deciced to make me as a prefect. but after several month they saw and realized that i am not that type of student, since i didn't follow the school (stupid) rules, they took that position off me.

21. i am a BIG money-spender. i always have a wishlist and the lists never end! i always want to buy many things and spend money even though i don't really need those things. shopping is like the air i breathe. no shopping means no life.

22. my signature is my father's idea. i still remember that i was a forth-grader at that time. my friends wew bragging about their cool hand-signature, and i didn't have one and i din't have any idea to create one. so i asked my dad and he created it for me. i often think to change it because it's too simple, but until this time, i still use that signature. :D

23. i'm immune of being easily tired (except for sports). i do many activities and extra lessons that i often arrive at 7pm at home. it's an ordinary thing for me. but when doing sports, i am extremely easy to be weary.

24. i doodle everywhere. in my notebooks, sketchbooks, journal, textbooks, even on a part of wall in my bedroom. i find it rather soothing and i do it whenever i feel bored or just to let the time pass quickly.

25. i am not a risk-taker. i am afraid of many things. height and darkness, ghost and monsters, et cetera. i'm just not a very brave person that will risk my happy life. if you ask me whether i want to be given a talent to see spiritual creatures or not, my answer is and will be definitely NOT!


i spent days to complete this 25 things about me and it made me recall my silly moments in the past. ^o^ and lucky people whom i tag...

Gaby, Aris, Rico, Audi and YOU !

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